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Birds in the vents are a very common call for A All Animal Control of Dallas in Dallas in the spring and fall. Around the middle of March the birds migrate back to Dallas to start pairing and mating. Female birds have an instinct to nest and look for a suitable place to lay their eggs. Your vent is a very safe place for her. You may hear constant moving, scratching and noises coming from your vents. You need to remove them quickly especially before the babies arrive.

There are several different species of birds in Dallas Texas, which account for most of our Dallas Bird Control calls. These birds range from house Sparrows to the pesky Crackle and, of course, pigeons. One of the major calls we receive all year round is for birds nesting in vent pipes. This is a big problem and should be addressed immediately. Birds are some of the dirtiest wildlife we deal with in Texas. Possibly carrying diseases, lice, mites and other hazards. Birds are not desirable to have inhabit your Texas home.

Call A All Animal Control of Dallas TX Texas for your Dallas Bird Control problems:

  • Bird Location and Assessment
  • Humane removal of birds as well as the nesting material. If older babies are present they will fly away
  • Trained technicians who will locate entry points and describe or show them to you
  • There are several methods of removal depending on where they are located
  • .
  • We may need to install a baby box, allowing younger birds to mature and fly away or relocate to alternate nesting sites
  • Complete seal of all the potential openings in your building with heavy gauge wire screening and/or clear silicone caulking
All materials for Dallas bird exclusion are high quality. Our wildlife technicians of Dallas Texas are specially trained to remove birds and their nests as well as prevent undue stress or injury to them. This is also a practical and economical approach as inhumane killing and the use of pesticides for bird control is illegal in Texas.

Removing breeding birds may leave the babies to die in your Texas home or building which attracts parasites and causes further health risks. The removal of bird carcasses is a time consuming, costly and unnecessary process. Our focus is on education and prevention which makes us a leader in the wildlife control industry in our home state of Texas.

We also offer Commercial Bird proofing including Bird netting, bird spikes, electrical track and other commercial bird products and installation.

Call A All Animal Control of Dallas for Bird Control and Bird Removal

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